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What is Service of Process?
Process Server
Service of Process is the delivery of copies of Legal Documents such as Summons, Complaints,
Subpoena, Order to Show Cause (order to appear and argue against a proposed order), Writs, Notice to
quit the premises and certain other documents, usually by personal delivery to the defendant or other
person to whom the documents are directed.
What does a Process Server do?
Legal Process Servers deliver Legal Documents such as Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas, Orders to
Show Cause, Writs, and other Court Documents to an individual that is involved in a court case. Service is
considered when the documents are personally handed to the defendant, someone in the same household
or business. After serving the documents, called a Proof of Service or Affidavit. This Affidavit or Proof of
Service verifies that the papers were served by the Process Server. It must be notarized and returned to
the party that requested service.
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Process Server
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