Process Server FPInvestigations
Fees: $95.00
Per mile charge: $0.95

Hourly rate and mileage charge fees based on information from /

Hourly rate and mileage charge fees based from address: 3044 Avenue V Brooklyn, NY 11229.
Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and New Jersey) Fees will be based round trip to and from
service address plus tolls.
Fee includes 3 attempts of service at 1 given address* Postage to return completed Affidavit of Service included. Email and
telephone call sent same business day of successful service.
Subpoena fees paid to party served are not included.

Service to second individual at same address/trip half off above rates. Mail service add $15
If unable to serve at address given a simple free search will be done to locate a correct address. If a new address is found the
rates to new address will be added as described above if client decides to serve at the new location. Attempted serve at a bad
address is charged at above rates.

*Cancellation Charge Above rates charged if canceling service after 1 attempt has been made.
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