Process Server

What is Service of Process?
Service of Process is the delivery of copies of Legal Documents such as Summons, Complaints, Subpoena, Order to Show Cause (order to appear and argue against a proposed order), Writs, Notice to quit the premises, and certain other documents, usually by personal delivery to the defendant or other person to whom the documents are directed.

What does a Process Server do?
Legal Process Servers deliver Legal Documents such as Summons, Complaints, Subpoenas, Orders to Show Cause, Writes, and other Court Documents to an individual that is involved in a court case. Service is considered when the documents are personally handed to the defendant, someone in the same household or business. After serving the documents, called a Proof of Service or Affidavit. This Affidavit or Proof of Service verifies that the papers were served by the Process Server. It must be notarized and returned to the party that requested service.

Process Server Rates
Mileage charge fees are based on address: 83-03 24th Ave Eastelmhurst NY 11370. (Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey) Fees will be based round Trip to and from services address plus tolls, Fee includes 3 attempts of service at 1 given address* Postage to return completed Affidavit or Service included. Email and telephone call sent the same business day of successful service. Subpoena fees paid to the party served are not included.

Service to the second individual at the same address/trip half-off rates. Mail service adds $15 If unable to serve at the address given a simple free search will be done to locate a correct address. If a new address is found the rates to the new address will be added as described above if the client decides to serve at the new location.

Hourly rate and mileage charge fees based on information from Google Maps

Private Investigator Services

What is a Private Investigator?
A private investigator, a private detective, or inquiry agent, is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigatory law services. Private detectives/investigators often work for attorneys in civil and criminal cases.
What Kind Of Investigations?
We offer an array of services, but our New York City office specializes primarily in surveillance investigative services. We understand what our clients are looking for and know how to deliver the best results possible.
What We Do
Matrimonial Investigations which could include infidelity, child support, custody, or any other issues.

Criminal investigations which could include witness locates, witness interviews and statements, plus much more.

Insurance investigations which could include cases in the area of worker’s compensation, general liability, or auto liability and could involve tasks such as site inspections, witness locates, statements, plus much more.

Attorney services which could include witness locate and statements, records retrieval, site inspections and plaintiff sign up.

Background checks and investigations which could include criminal history, employment, civil records, bankruptcy, proper ownership, judgments, liens, phone searches, address searches, plus many more types of searches that are available.

Missing person investigations which could include missing family members, friends, heirs, or legal clients to name a few. The latest databases and techniques are employed to effectively reach our mission.

We perform surveillance which could be mobile or stationary. The latest technology and methods are used to give the case the best possible avenue to success. We will maintain a discreet presence complying with all laws and also aggressively ensure that the case goals are met.

We also offer a vast array of other services which include: Sports and Recreational Activity Inquiries School District Services Store, Bar and Restaurant Investigations Skip Tracing Data Base Research Notary, Process and Interpreting Services are available for you

We are the leading investigators for surveillance, infidelity investigations, and missing person investigations. Want to Speak to a Private Investigator? Give us a call.